The Secure p2p Multi-asset Wallet and Exchange

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Silencing Bitcoin

SilentVault lets you spend and receive bitcoin (and litecoin) off the blockchain entirely, and move your coins to and from regular bitcoin addresses whenever you want. Our wallets are multi-asset and can hold any supported asset types side-by-side.

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Completely Private Client Network

Other "dark" wallets try to improvise privacy on a public ledger! SilentVault wallets communicate using XMPP (Jabber chat), within private servers with no public-facing IPs. End-to-end p2p encryption insures that even we can't monitor your chats -- or know what's in your wallet.

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Built-in p2p asset exchange. Escrow automatically included.

Most bitcoin exchange sites require you to hold your entire balances within the exchange, and use a browser to log in and trade. We built the trading floor right into the wallet! You can exchange assets with other users anonymously, and fund escrow only for the trades you actually enter or accept. Except for what you place in escrow for a trade, your money stays in your wallet where it belongs, not in the exchange.

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Welcome to a Private World. Payments are just another kind of message.

We use open source tools to help you secure all your communications data, not just your online payments. Whether you're chatting or doing business, you can be secure and anonymous.