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SilentVault is a secure, private online wallet for making untraceable p2p payments. Unlike other crypto-currency wallets, SilentVault wallets support heterogeneous asset types such as fiat (dollars, euros), metals (gold and silver), and crypto-coins (bitcoin, litecoin). See the items under the Assets menu heading above for more information.

SilentVault provides anonymous off-blockchain payments made in bitcoin, litecoin, and other assets. It also features an integrated p2p escrow exchange where users can trade anonymously among different asset types with other users, such as exchanging bitcoins for silver.

SilentVault Clients

The SilentVault Spark client is a fully functional Jabber chat client which is a branded and updated version of Spark. Since Spark supports a plugin architecture, our wallet client is implemented as a plugin. You can obtain the SilentVault Spark client (with plugin) from this page. You can also find the source code for both the plugin and SilentVault's customizations to the Spark source base, elsewhere on this site. A tutorial on SVSpark is here.

The SilentVault wallet webstart client is a stand-alone program which you can install from within your browser. Like the SilentVault Spark client, it communicates with the Voucher-Safe payment network using extensions to the XMPP protocol. This makes economic transactions indistinguishable from ordinary encrypted instant messaging traffic, and avoids any need to run within an insecure browser environment, or rely on web domains. All client source code is published on this site, and while you can run a prefabricated client, you are also invited to build your own from source.

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