What is VFQ?

VFQ is a voucher currency issued by the Ascension Foundation, as part of the launch of its Lyra blockchain crypto-currency. While VFQ is not intended to be represented on a blockchain, it can be spent and traded for other assets within the SilentVault wallet ecosystem. VFQ was awarded as a premium to purchasers of OTO. The VFQ vouchers will be usable in a number of iGaming applications, one of which (called ABC) is currently in beta test.

Fee Schedule

The fees currently charged by SilentVault for transactions in VFQ are as follows:

  • Make VFQ voucher spend: 0.91 VFQ
  • Receive VFQ voucher spend: 0.39 VFQ (first one is 0.13)
  • Escrow exchange: 0.5% of amount, minimum quantity 25.0 VFQ

VFQ vouchers are issued at a pegged value of US $0.382, although they can be traded within the SilentVault Exchange at any price. To learn more about VFQ, please contact the Ascension Foundation, or see the websites oto.money and cryptowealth.com.