Facing False Fears: The SEC's Attempt to Intimidate the Cryptocurrency Industry

Author: Justin Turrell - Published 2018-10-25 06:08 - (22782 Reads)

During 2018 the US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) has been sending letters, and in some cases summonses, to crypto firms with a presence inside the USA. This has generated a great deal of consternation, and created a chilling effect on innovation and fundraising, particularly by ICOs. In this article we examine the actual laws and procedures governing such actions by the SEC, in order to examine possible responses by a target, and hopefully determine whether all this concern is really justified.

Pegged Sidechains: A Critique

a business and technical review
Author: Justin Turrell and Tyrone Johnson - Published 2014-11-11 04:08 - (5315 Reads)

We review and critique the Blockstream.com white paper on pegged sidechains.

SilentVault Service Launch

Press Announcement One
Author: Tyrone Johnson - Published 2014-08-26 04:59 - (3032 Reads)

Press Release
For Immediate Release

SilentVault Begins Silencing the Blockchain

Jumping the Shark, or Jumping the Gun?

The impact of IRS regulations on virtual currencies
Author: Justin - Published 2014-04-02 06:30 - (4135 Reads)

The Internal Revenue Service has promulgated "guidance" for the tax treatment of Bitcoin (as property). What are the implications for those who hold or use Bitcoin and other virtual currencies, and what mitigation strategies exist?

Beating the BTCdrums of Regulation

Is Bitcoin 80 bytes away from license hell?
Author: Justin - Published 2014-02-27 06:24 - (3570 Reads)

In the wake of the MtGox collapse, drums are beating for Bitcoin regulation both in and out of the community. Will the upcoming 0.9.0 release accommodate this desire?

Voucher-Safe and OpenTransactions

compared and contrasted
Author: Justin - Published 2014-02-17 04:00 - (4946 Reads)

Voucher-Safe (or VS) is a multi-currency p2p payment technology originally developed between 2008 and 2010. OpenTransactions (OT) is another such technology developed beginning in 2010. In what ways are these two systems similar, and in what manner do they differ?

Fiddling on the Block Chain While Privacy Burns

an agorist critique of the Bitcoin protocol
Author: Justin - Published 2014-02-15 07:01 - (6377 Reads)

A review of the features of decentralized crypto-currencies from a privacy perspective. Do Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other crypto-coin systems truly have the potential to become ubiquitous digital cash, and what would be some of the implications if they did?