API Documents Online for Client

Javadocs are available for the API for these source bases:

  • The Silent-Vault wallet client.
  • The Silent-Vault SVX exchange server plugin.
  • The Silent-Vault OFS gateway server plugin.
  • The Silent-Silver SSM marketplace server plugin. (Note this marketplace is not yet live.)

You can download these in their entirety from the Documentation file gallery (see "Files" in the top menu above).

In addition, the API for the wallet client is available here on this site. Just click on this link, which you can bookmark for reference.

Javadocs for the Voucher-Safe client, the Spark jabber client plugin, and the command line interface (CLI), as well as all Voucher-Safe servers, can be obtained from the Voucher-Safe dev site. (Note you will need to register a login in order to access the file galleries there.)