Our Target Market

The capabilities provided by Silent-Vault technology might be right for you, if for example:

  • You're a holder of bitcoin (or litecoin) who wishes to move some of your holdings privately into another asset type, such as US dollars or gold.
  • You have dollars or euros in the bank, and would like to obtain some bitcoin, but do not want to submit to KYC procedures at a bitcoin exchange in your country.
  • You're a user of bitcoin or litecoin who wants to be able to pay others privately without leaving footprints on the blockchain.
  • You'd like to diversify into precious metals, but don't want the risk of storing the gold or silver in your country.
  • You're an employer or investment fund who needs to pay employees, contractors or investors in multiple countries, but does not want to utilize the banking system.
  • You're an online merchant who wants to keep your customer list absolutely private.
  • You deal in digital currency exchange as a business, and want to obtain inventory or convert surplus inventory.
  • You were a user of e-gold, 1mdc, or Liberty Reserve, or are a current user of WebMoney, Pecunix or PerfectMoney, and have been waiting for the next generation to arrive.
  • You're a digital currency enthusiast, but have grown tired of all those separate one-currency wallets and websites and would prefer to keep everything together in one convenient application.
  • You're an online merchant dealing in any of 30 types of business which are slated to be choked off by the US federal govt from access to credit cards, by Operation Choke Point.
  • You're a sovereign individual who's fed up with government spying and prying into your personal and financial affairs, and you're now ready to claim your natural right to all the privacy of cash online.

The needs of all of these people, and many more, can be met using the technology which Silent-Vault provides. More importantly, these individuals and businesses can help one another to meet their needs and objectives. Silent-Vault merely supplies the secure platform; the offers and transactions are generated by the user community.

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