The SilentVault Spark Client for Mac

This is the most full-featured client offered by SilentVault. It is both a robust Jabber chat client (based on Spark 2.7.7) and a secure p2p wallet client. The wallet client is implemented as a Spark plugin. Additional plugins provide OTR (off-the-record) for end-to-end chat encryption, voice communication, and a host of other features.

The XMPP servers operated by SilentVault sit behind PageKite gateways, so that they do not need any public-facing IP addresses. In addition to increased security, this means that while connected to our server, you can only chat with other users of our client. Our server allows you to log in anonymously, or with a specific username, for either 1-on-1 chats or in multi-user chatrooms. You can only access your wallet through our private server.

Of course, you can also use our client to connect to any regular public Jabber server. However you will have no wallet access on external servers, and most public servers typically do not allow anonymity.

By building in secure communications alongside anonymous p2p payments and exchanges, we aim to create a platform for an entire economic and social community using a single set of tools.

We believe strongly in publishing all source code which runs on your computing device. If you would prefer to build your own SilentVault Spark client from original source, instructions for doing so can be found here. For licensing and versioning info, click here.

System Requirements

To install and run the SilentVault Spark client, you will need to have Java-7 or higher installed on your device. For Macintosh users, we have bundled Java-8u272 with our open source software install program. Java 8u272 or higher is recommended.

Note: Java 8u272 is bundled with the distribution of SilentVault Spark, so you do not need to install Java-8 separately unless you wish to. (Or unless you also want to run the WebApp client version.) It will do no harm if you have a different version of Java installed on your Mac already.

Installing the Client for Mac OS X 64-bit

To download the client installer, use the files below:

Installer file: silentvault_2_7_7_20201104.dmg

sha256 verification checksum: 325eb5cfab56abedd9cc38cf0f8c6c712e112fb38852c31993b08465a0077947

Developer Signature File: silentvault_2_7_7_20201104.dmg.asc

In a Finder window, please double-click on the downloaded file silentvault_2_7_7_20201104.dmg, and in the popup window drag the SilentVault Spark icon on top of the Applications icon to install the app. You can then close the popup window and eject the SilentVault_2_7_7 volume. Optionally, drag the SilentVault Spark icon from the Applications folder to the dock if you want it to appear there.

Note: if you already have the previous SVSpark 2.7.7 version installed, you will be prompted whether you wish to overwrite it or keep both versions. Since the old one was built with an older JVM, now superseded, we suggest you overwrite the old application. But it's up to you.

Optional: Verifying Developer Signatures


Other Clients

In addition to the SilentVault Spark client, the wallet client itself is available as a Java webstart application. This version cannot be used as a chat client, but only to access your wallet. You can obtain it here. However, it is much easier to build yourself from our source code than is Spark.

If you only have Java-6 on your device, you cannot use our clients. Sorry.

For a discussion of how to use the test network to play around with SilentVault wallets using play money, please see our sandbox page.

If you have questions or problems, feel free to post in our Customer Support forum (note registration is required, to keep out bots and spammers).