Marketing and Business Development

An Endorsement

Tyrone Thursday February 5, 2015

My old friend Jim Davidson wrote today to say:

"I continue to believe that the state of the world's financial markets is symptomatic of a basic limitation with not only the centralised nature of international banking, but also of the complete lack of freedom and privacy in financial matters. People are too often excluded from opportunities to do as they think best because those in power, or those with vested economic interests, have made sure that many choices are excluded.

"Those facts, it seems to me, are a powerful incentive for people to seek out and use a free market alternative that promotes greater freedom of choice, greater privacy, and an uncensored environment for choice taking. I think the work that was originally financed by Pecunix.com on Voucher-Safe established a very carefully planned and thoroughly developed ecosystem for private exchanges of digital bearer instruments. The SilentVault technologies built on top of the Voucher-Safe architecture are an important path forward."