Marketing and Business Development

The Digital Cash Alliance

Tyrone Monday August 31, 2015

Users of Silentvault's services will be pleased to learn that there is now a Digital Cash Alliance, a new membership group, which is promoting our software products.

The goals of the Digital Cash Alliance are to bring freedom to the world through competing currencies while supporting freedom for the individual by providing digital cash which has the anonymity and privacy available to users of physical cash. Silentvault has long supported the privacy and anonymity of our users by working with the Voucher Safe technology to silence the blockchain for both Bitcoin and Litecoin circulating within our system.

You can learn more about the Alliance at their web site. In order to visit their secure site you'll need to accept their self-signed security certificate. Their non-secure page includes links to the Electronic Frontier Foudation and other sites which explain why security certificate authorities are neither secure nor authoritative.

The Digital Cash Alliance currently has two advisers, Jim Davidson and Paul Rosenberg. Mr. Davidson has already written an essay on their behalf which explains some of the philosophy behind the Alliance. You can find copies of it here and here. Mr. Rosenberg's company, Cryptohippie, is responsible for the Virtual Privacy Network product offerred by the Alliance.

If you believe in individual freedom, economic freedom, free markets, and the individual's power to issue money, you should take a good long look at the Digital Cash Alliance. You'll find me there, as I am now working for the Alliance full time.