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New Client Updates, New Client Development

Tyrone Thursday January 25, 2018

We are currently preparing updates to SVSpark which should be helpful to our user community. As a developer recently wrote, "I'd like to give you a thumbs-up for the current implementation with current app I have skimmed through source-code of the customization this app has on top of Spark-client. It looks really good and curated work. The concept is something great what you guys have created."

So, our ongoing effort to keep the code curated and fully operational continues. New updates will be available soon.

In addition, through the recent addition of a major customer, we are now working on a smart phone app development project. Teams of developers have been solicited and many copies of a scope of work have been distributed. At least three qualified and competent teams have provided bids for their work and we anticipate several more soon. These will be evaluated by our team for technical competence issues and by our customer for business and timing issues.

We are very excited to be moving forward with Android development. In addition, our customer anticipates a serious user interface design activity will commence in mid-February which should feed into the Android app. We anticipate iOS app to follow.